• As I sit here in front of my computer attempting to draft my first Blog at the request of my tech savvy sons, it dawns on me that I should write something that may be beneficial to those who are considering a career in the real estate appraisal industry, which is where I got my start. As I do every year, last October I attended a continuing education seminar at Tahoe for appraisers’ intent on maintaining their certification in good standing. I have been in this industry for over 37 years and when I was in my late 20’s, I was one of the youngest attendees at most of my classes sponsored by the Appraisal Institute. Sadly, at this past October seminar, even though I am approaching 60, it was apparent that I was still one of the youngest attendees out of about 75 participants. This seems to be the trend these days, and unless something changes, the population of qualified appraisers will diminish rapidly. ..

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