• Haedrich & Co., Inc. Is Now Offering Placer.ai Services!

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    Our firm recently invested in the software Placer.ai to provide higher quality demographic services to our clients. Placer.ai is the most advanced demographic analytic platform using the latest technology with cellular phone data and spending habits of the local population. We can now better understand visitor trends, trade areas, cannibalization of other locations, and competitor comparisons. This service allows us to provide the same data driven analysis with all other services of our business.

    To highlight some of the data, we looked at the traffic at the Posse Grounds Boat Ramp. The image below shows the trade area or location of the visitors to a geofenced (a virtual geographic boundary that enables software to count when a mobile device enter or exits the area) area of the boat ramp. The visits are based on individuals with cellular phones staying within this geofence for several minutes. It’s exciting to be able to provide actual data that shows the pull we have for fishing or river recreation in the North state.

    Next, we decided to look at the traffic through Redding Airport. Pretty neat to see the visits over time and the change from year to year. The service allows us to go back to 2017 and we can get up to the last 3-4 days.

    We are looking forward to helping the local businesses and improving the site selection process for companies looking at Northern California. This service will allow us to highlight our local area and improve its growth and economic vitality.

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