Hourly Consulting

Whether you just need an hour of our time to ask questions about the northern California and Redding markets, or you need a full member of your team for your next development, we're excited to be of service.  We regularly provide hourly consulting for our clients and there is no limit to our services:

  • Consulting for lease renewal negotiations
  • Completing renovation/remodel feasibility analyses
  • Completing full development Market Studies              
  • Lease vs Buy analysis and comparison
  • As well as hourly options for all of the typical Brokerage services

Some examples:

We are really enjoying working with a developer on a new unique multi-family development concept that will incorporate the latest technology and available peer-to-peer platforms to increase occupancy and decrease expenses.  For this project we are engaged in the proforma creation to help establish accurate return calculations for presenting to investors.

Or our favorite is the work we're doing in downtown Redding.  We have been regularly consulting on building renovation projects, helping identify the future building/project value post renovation so that investors/owners have the knowledge to confidently spend money on their real estate knowing it will increase value, increase returns and add to the renaissance downtown.  It's happening and it's happening now!

Call us for free anytime to ask how we may be able to add to your team or help your project.

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