Let Us Help You Maximize Your Rental Income

Is your tenant moving out? Do you want to replace your rental income quickly? Let us help. As full-time commercial leasing agents, we understand market conditions, competitive spaces, and potential tenants. Our mission is to minimize vacancy and maximize your rental income.

Haedrich and Co. goes above and beyond to:

  • Identify your fair market rent to minimize vacancy
  • Keep you informed about the market with supportable data.
  • Prepare marketing flyers with pertinent information for tenants.
  • Install a property sign that provides exposure.
  • Coordinate a viral Internet marketing campaign.
  • Send consistent email blasts on a local, regional, and national level.
  • Contact target tenants.
  • Work with cooperating brokers.
  • Negotiate the lease agreement.
  • Help draft and review the lease agreement.
  • Finalize the lease agreement and confirm all terms are met prior to occupancy.
  • Follow through with any potential tenant improvements and secure the certificate of occupancy.

Don’t waste another minute. Let us find your tenant! Contact us at: 530.221.1127